Legal Services

The next time you require legal assistance in the fields of real estate law or elder law, turn to the law office of Stickel, Frahn, & Lloyd, LLC located in Chatham, NJ for assistance. We are always available to assist you, so be sure to contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys

Estate Planning
We draft advance directives for healthcare, powers of attorney, wills, and trusts that reflect our client’s wishes.  We will help the client understand the importance of these legal documents and the provisions contained within them

Real Estate Law
The next time you need help with commercial or residential real estate ventures, turn to our law office for assistance. We will help with the closing, selling, or purchasing of properties, including legal document filing and business taxation requirements. You can rely on us to help you establish your business, pay land taxes, purchase or sell a home, and gather the information you need to start development on a new property

Elder Care
We assist older individuals and families to plan for future needs. Our attorneys provide assistance with Medicaid planning, asset management, bill paying, and preservation of assets.  We understand that age and disability can make it difficult to travel, and we offer house calls to our clients that would otherwise find it too difficult or too dangerous to travel to our office